Ingolstadt DP camp and sorting family mystery. #poland #germany #holocaust

Sandy Crystall

Jewish Genners-

I am helping my daughter's friend piece together information about her non-biological grandmother who may be a Holocaust survivor but won't share anything about her past (and will not do a DNA test). I am trying to identify if her family was Jewish and perhaps took on non-Jewish identities or if they were not Jewish to begin with. I am aware that DNA would greatly assist in this effort, but there are additional complicating relationships.

The grandmother is likely the 12-year old girl on a 1951 "resettlement" manifest with "her family" from Bremen to NY.  I found records that document that the family had been at the Ingolstadt displaced persons camp. There are two parents and 4 children.  There is a 4-year old girl with the same given name as the 12-year old girl (all appear as one family). 

There is some speculation that the family on the manifest does not include the girl's real parents (not sure about the siblings). It is thought that the family originally was from Lodz and I have found records of people with same surname who were sent to an extermination camp from the Lodz ghetto. (Based on the little information that the grandmother has shared, I am wondering if these may possibly be the real parents.)

Would anyone have any suggestions about additional sources of information to help identify (or confirm) who was part of her grandmother’s immediate family? I have check JewishGen (searching by surname), YadVashem, the Arolsen Archives, US Holocaust Museum,, Ancestry and Family Search.  I am not sharing the surname as the person is living.

I understand that without specifics, this makes it more difficult, but if anyone has anecdotal stories that may illustrate possibly options to consider, it would be helpful.

Thank you very much!

Sandy Crystal,  New Hampshire

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