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I am doing research on my husband's line, KAUNITZ. Most of my research takes
me back as far as parts of western Hungary/Slovakia, mostly Trencsin and
Nyitra Megye (counties). But the family seems to have arrived there in the
very late 1780s.

It is my theory that the family originated in Moravia, >from the estates of
the noble Christian family, the Counts von Kaunitz. (Wenzel Anton Kounitz,
for instance, >from 1753 until his retirement in 1792 served the Hapsburg
rulers, Maria Theresa, Joseph II, and Leopold II, as chancellor and foreign

I believe this line of Jewish Kaunitzs may have left Moravia because of the
Familianten laws, and traveled as many did to Hungary, taking the name KAUNITZ
as that is where they may have been from.

I have found very little information about the Jews who lived in the town of
Dolni Kaunice or on the Kaunitz estates, how vast those estates were, the
conditions of Jews on these lands, the relationship between the noble Kaunitzs
and the jews on their land, etc. If anyone knows of any information that may
be helpful to me, I would very much like to hear >from you, off list.

Thanks so much,

Karen Cecilio
Akron, Ohio USA

KAUNITZ of Moravia, Banovce nad Bebravou (Baan), Hungary, etc.

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