Re: Yiddish Publishers in Warsaw #poland

Steven Lasky

If you search my website, (Museum of Family History), under "Goldfarb publishing," you will find eighteen mentions of a Goldfarb publishing group in Warsaw. I don't think it gives much more than a citation in a bibliography, but it's something. 

Steve Lasky    <stevenlasky@...> 

Clifford Goldfarb wrote:
"I am looking for information on two Yiddish publishers in Warsaw. The first is S. Goldfarb, 31 Dzika [sp.] Street, who was active at least between 1923-1926. He published a number of translations of Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes tales (possibly retranslated from a Russian translationi, rather than the original English). The second is L.Goldfarb, who was active in 1937. I don't have an address for him, but he also published a translation of detective fiction in Yiddish. Any information on who these were, whether they were related, the scope of their business, etc., would be gratefully welcomed."

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