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Hallo David

i have found a very useful website when dealing with such questions.

first click into the link to convert the secular (gregorian) date to the hebrew date  and you will find that 10 September 1934 is 1 tishrei  5695.  

next i googled 1 tishrei 5695 and it will give you a link to the hebrew calendar for Rosh Hashana 5695 and when you click on the specific dates, it provides much information re the yom tov and the readings.  it also gives you a list of the dates for both this year's Rosh Hashana 2020 and the following years. 

Regards,   Malka Flekier    London, UK   <malka_f1@...>

David Laskin asked  "I'm writing an historical novel in which a character attends synagogue
on the first day of Rosh Hashanah on September 10, 1934 -- 1 Tishrei
5695 (if I'm not mistaken). Can anyone tell me what Torah and
Haftarah portions would have been read that day? Are these portions
fixed year to year -- the same portion on the same day of the Jewish
calendar every year? Thanks.

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