Seek details on FROST family from Lublin Yizkor book from Szczebrzeszyn and Kurow in Poland #poland

Yakov Slabiak

I am researching my maternal grandmother's family name FROST.  Her maiden name was ITA FROST, born in 1898, and her parents were Arye (Leib) and Rachel Frost.  I do not know where my grandmother was born nor anything about her history.  I do know that at some point before World War II my grandmother lived in Zamosc and raised a family there.  My mother Hene z'l, and my uncle, Arye Leib z'l, were born in Zamosc.  My grandmother made aliyah after the war and lived in Haifa until her death in 1977.
For years I had searched the Zamosc records for the surname FROST but was unable to find any lead.  Then suddenly I noticed in the JewishGen Yizkor Book Necrology Database - Lublin several entries with the surname FROST for the towns of Kurow and Szczebrzeszyn, both in the Lublin database.  There is a chance that my grandmother's parents are listed here but I need to access the details of the deceased who are listed.   How do I access further information on names of the deceased listed in JewishGen Yizkor Book Necrology Database - Lublin?  In the list of names FROST, I found the names LEIBEL FROST and RAKHEL FROST. These could be my maternal great grandfather and great grandmother but how do I access their details? Also, the listing identifies the Town of Szczebrzeszyn. Does that require looking at another Yizkor Book? 

Thanks. Yakov Slabiak

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