Re: Refugee doctors in 1930s had to re-qualify before practising in UK #unitedkingdom


My cousin Kenneth Collins has written extensively on Scottish Jewry and in particular those involved in the Medical profession.

He writes:

"My records show that Ernst Rachwalsky requalified in Edinburgh in 1937 - with the Scottish Triple Qualification - LRCP and LRCS (Edinburgh) and LRCPS (Glasgow).

He had an MD from Breslau in 1914. Unlike many others who studied in Scotland before taking the requalifying examinations he had studied in London and he gave his address as Upper Wimpole Street. He gave his last address in Germany as Glatz. All Triple Qualification exams were held in Edinburgh.

This was all obtained from the Royal College of Surgeons register which I consulted more than 30 years ago."

Michael Tobias

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