Re: genealogy forums in russian to overcome brick wall in research? #ukraine #russia


Dear Yellena
Thank you very much for your answer.
I will write to the red cross. Can I do it by email or is it only by mail.Do you have any ideal about the lifting of quarantine in russia? In France we will open all shops on May 11 and people will be able to go back to work and go out. Of course I do not know if the Archives will open up as well !!

Concerning the Kaminski to be sure i fully inderstand they have submitted testimonies for Yurovskiis coming from these 3 towns? and their address is on those testimonies? The 3 towns are quite distant. How are you sure they are related?

As far as Lazar and Karina are concerned I only have what is at Yad Vashem. I only recently discovered their existence in the naturalization file of my grand father Naum Israel Benzion "Jurovsky" in France. The file dates back from 1932. For 4 years the naturalisation files were not available to researchers due to termite ridden premises.

Best regards and stay safe.

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