Re: Manifest Question #poland

Jill Whitehead

It is not impossible that your ancestor arrived unaccompanied or at a different time to the rest of the family. Part of my family arrived in Edinburgh in 1870 to join other family already there who had arived in 1867/8.  The young men were escaping being conscripted by the Tsar after the 1863 Polish Uprising. In 1870 my great grandparents (who were first cousins) arrived aged 11 and 15 (they later married in 1877), together with the two younger brothers of my great grandfather who were both aged under 10 years old. They seemed to have been unaccompanied by an adult, with my 15 year old great grandfather responsible for all the younger children. In those days, a 15 year old was considered an adult. Yet other family members came in 1872, my great grandmother's younger siblings and her mother.

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

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