Re: Refugee doctors in 1930s had to re-qualify before practising in UK #unitedkingdom

rv Kaplan

The Scottish Jewish Archives Centre in Glasgow (  ) has copies of research notes made by its chairman, Dr Kenneth Collins, who is an expert in this area.  He covered the subject in his book 'Go and Learn' and researched the Royal College of Surgeons register 30 years ago. Not aware that these records are online, though. 

The records show that Ernst Rachwalsky requalified in Edinburgh in 1937 - with the Scottish Triple Qualification - LRCP and LRCS (Edinburgh) and LRCPS (Glasgow).
He had an MD from Breslau in 1914. Unlike many others who studied in Scotland before taking the requalifying examinations, he had studied in London and he gave his address as Upper Wimpole Street. He gave his last address in Germany as Glatz. All Triple Qualification exams were held in Edinburgh and successful candidates could practice with the Licentiate qualifications. The attraction of the Scottish exams was that they could be taken after a year in Britain while the similar Conjoint Board exam. in London required an extra two years residence.  This was the only time that Scottish and English registration requirements differed. 

Harvey Kaplan
Scottish Jewish Archives Centre

On Wed, 29 Apr 2020 at 22:01, Gerald and Margaret via <> wrote:
Refugees with medical qualifications arriving in the UK in the 1930s had to re-qualify before they could practise.  Several institutions offered this course, but it was known that the qualification could be obtained more quickly  at a Scottish University.  I know that my maternal grandfather, Ernst RACHWALSKY (1889-1961) took the exams in 1936 but was it at Edinburgh or Glasgow.  ??  Are there any relevant records on-iine ?

Margaret Levin

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