Re: Recent experience with Latvian Archives #latvia

Kathy Lorber

I also had positive contact with the Latvian Archives this winter. I requested the birth, death and marriage records on one line of my family. What I actually received was a compilation of the information in a two page document. I did not receive copies of the records themselves. I was a little surprised but decided maybe that was my own fault for not specifying copies of originals in the beginning. My email correspondence went very quickly. In the end, I did a wire transfer of only $27.00 US. I did not receive the volume of records that others may have, but what I received was sufficient for my needs. I received the file in a pdf by email. But about 10 days later I also received a hard copy of the information in the mail. This surprised me since it did not add anything to the information. My contact was:

Natālija Ivašina 
Head archivist of the Latvian State Historical Archives 
at the Latvian National Archives

Kathy Lorber
Montville, NJ
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