Re: Refugee doctors in 1930s had to re-qualify before practising in UK and also in the USA - An excellent Holocaust novel cites an example #unitedkingdom


The discussion of how Holocaust refugee doctors had to requalify before practicing in the UK prompts me to cite the novel from which I learned about the discrimination against Jewish doctors from Europe who sought to practice in the USA.

Sarah Wildman's 2014 tragic but excellent Paper Love tracks a journalist's search for the girl her grandfather lost to the Holocaust.  A cache of letters discovered by Wildman revealed that a family's escape from Nazi genocide was incomplete. Her grandfather, a doctor trained in Vienna, came to the US but found that European doctors, perhaps especially Jewish doctors, faced roadblocks set by medical societies in America.

Wildman is an excellent reporter as well as novelist. Her book describes the horrible treatment of Austrian Jews that began immediately when the Nazis took over that country. After her family escaped from Vienna, their problems weren't over. Her grandfather had to struggle to survive in the USA due to discrimination here.

The details of life in Nazi Germany are revealed in the letters from the grandfather's former fiancé who was unable to escape.

I found Wildman's book interesting on many levels. It's a detective story, a romantic tale and a Holocaust horror story, a tragic but educational read.

I attended a lecture by Sarah Wildman at the Leo Baeck Institute in NYC but I have no other connection with the author and no commercial interest in her book.

Paper Love : Searching for the Girl My Grandfather Left Behind 2014  Riverhead Books     ISBN: 1594633975   ISBN13: 9781594633973

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