Re: Romania SIG #bessarabia #ukraine #lithuania (European Union) European Jewish Cemeteries Initiative Launches New Website With Surveys of 1500 Jewish Cemeteries #bessarabia #lithuania #ukraine

Theo Rafael

The European Jewish Cemeteries Initiative (ESJF) thread regarding the mapping of 1500 cemeteries in 5 countries: Greece, Lithuania, Moldova, Slovakia and Ukraine was mislabeled with the #Romania hashtag however this latter country is NOT included in the survey.
Moldova in this specific case is short for the Republic of Moldova which is a separate country from Romania and is labeled in this message board as #bessarabia (its former name).  While there is also a REGION in Romania called Moldova which explains the mislabeling, the region is NOT included in the survey nor is the rest of Romania.

I tried to but I am not sure I relabeled the thread correctly with the three relevant hashtags #bessarabia #ukraine #lithuania. For Greece and Slovakia there are no hashtags yet.

Theo R.

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