Former Neveklarsfeld Website #hungary

Hilary Osofsky

Does anyone know whether all of the information on the former Neveklarsfeld website ( has been transferred elsewhere, and whether it is currently on-line?

To date, Yad Vashem seems not to have the deportation information that was formerly available on Neveklarsfeld - at least not as to my family members.

I'm particularly interested in the status of the following lists: 

- Jews conscripted for forced labor by the Hungarian government
- Jews prior to deportation drawn up by Hungarian officials
- Surviving Jews registered in Budapest after World War II

Thank you.

Hilary (Stein) Osofsky
Orinda, California

NUERNBERGER Zalesie, Podolinec, Hagy, Soporna, Vysne Ruzbachy, Hafka, Presov, and environs
WOLF Huncovce, Vysne Ruzbachy, Bucovce, Malý Slavkov, Satu Mare, and environs
REICHER Benadikova, Vrutky, Halvan, and environs
FRIEDLENDER Benadikova and environs
STEIN Vychodna, Kral'ova Lehota, Liptovsky Hradok, Zalesie, Budapest, and environs

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