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Back in September, I wrote an email asking if anybody could help me
figure out something regarding the daughter of the rabbi of Wolbrom.
Since then, I was able to get more information about the matter, so I
figured I would write up and share.

Basically, I was reading the Sefer Yizkor for the town of Wolbrom
(available through the NYPL at this link:
the relevant passage is on page 175 in the reader, which is page 129
in the actual book's pagination) where it discusses my
ggggg-grandfather Rabbi Yaakov HaLevi Segal who was the rabbi of the
town before he became the rabbi of Krakow. (He is also mentioned in an
English overview of the history of Wolbrom prepared by Yad Vashem,
see: )

In the Sefer Yizkor mentioned above, it alludes to some sort of
controversy over the rabbi's daughter Tovah and the identity of her
husband, but does not spell out what's going, simply citing a
different work Eshkol vol. 5 which discuss the matter. Back in
September, I asked my fellow researchers here on JewishGen to see if
they can help me figure out what's going on (ViewMate of the relevant
passage: )

As far as I know, my gggg-grandfather Binyamin Eliezer UNGAR-AUERBACH
married a daughter of Rabbi Yaakov Segal, but I don't know her name or
anything else about her, except that her son was Rabbi Reuven Chaim
KLEIN I who served as a rabbi in Davidkoff (near Muncasz), Hungary. So
I thought that this discussion might have been relevant to my

I have finally been able to locate the work HaEshkol cited by the
Sefer Yizkor for Wolbrom. I figured out that HaEshkol refers to a
scholarly journal published in Krakow in the late 1800's (for more
information about it, see from the Ohio
State University). If you look in volume 5 of that journal (available
online at: ) on pages 254-255 (which are
pages 258-259 in the PDF) there is a book review written by P. H.
Wettstein of the book Luchot Zikaron by Chaim Dov Freidberg (also
available for online: ) in which, inter
alia, the reviewer chides Friedberg for writing that Rabbi Yaakov
Segal's daughter Tovah married somebody named Eliyahu PIASKER (son of
Hirsch PIASKER) disputing that such a thing ever happened. This is the
controversy to which the Sefer Yizkor for Wolbrom referred. So on the
one hand, I'm a bit disappointed that it has no further information
about what I'm looking for, but at least I was able to get down to the
bottom of the matter.

Just to clarify, one researcher wrote to me in September that Binyamin
Eliezer UNGAR-AUERBACH's wife was named Charna, but that has proven to
be a misunderstanding based on something I myself wrote on my own
website Essentially, that researcher confused Binyamin Eliezer the
FATHER of Rabbi RC KLEIN with Binyamin Eliezer the SON of Rabbi RC
KLEIN. It was the son who married a woman named Charna.

Zei Gezunt & Kol Tuv,

Reuven Chaim Klein

Beitar Illit, Israel

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