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Risa Heywood

You may already be familiar with the following resources but they cover some of the areas in which you are interested:

1944 Budapest Housing Census - This census was done in preparation for moving the Jews of Budapest to yellow-star houses. It was only found recently within the walls of a Budapest apartment. They are now available through the local archives to be searched online. See the following links, and (in Hungarian). 

I found some amazing member lists of forced labor battalions on YadVashem, not through the Shoah Names Database, but through The Document Archives, There are a number of these lists but the names on them are not searchable. I used keywords in a Title search such as, list AND "forced labor". I would try several different, similar searches because I don't know if they are consistently indexed.

I have also searched for the Neveklarsfeld lists without success. While in Budapest in 2017, I inquired in person about the lists at the Holocaust Memorial Center in Budapest. The English-speaking researcher there did not know their whereabouts.

Also, The Politics of Genocide by Randolph L. Braham, a 2-volume series, has some information on individual labor battalions. It's also just a great resource for understanding the history of the battalions.
Risa Daitzman Heywood

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