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Ben Karlin


It is hard to keep up with the updates made to the various Genealogy websites as they are “improved” but my experience is that FamilySearch does allow searching only on the place field. For example, my grandfather was born in Yanow ad Pinsk in Belarus and emigrated from Yakowlewo, near there.

The caveat is that there are easily a dozen alternate names and spellings (as well as their being located in four different nations depending on the year) for each of these cities. And these are only the legitimate alternatives. Add the misspellings and transcription errors .... I would consider it impossible to find all of the listings from either place.

In some cases I have been pleased and surprised by the results in US draft and military records, archives of Jewish immigration agencies, Yad Vashem, and passenger manifests. Not all of these are available through FamilySearch.

As a reminder, FamilySearch requires free registration for reasonably full access to its records. Many records online refer to indices of records on microfilm, some of which are accessible only at LDS Family History sites or affiliated public libraries. At present these are not all open but it should not be difficult to compile relevant records and, once the outdoors reopens, view them.

Hope this helps,
Ben Karlin
Aurora, IL

Researching KARLIN, KARLINSKY and KAROLINSKY: Motola, Yanow ad Pinsk, Yakowlewa Belarus; Israel; Baltimore, MD and Chicago, IL
TURNIANSKY, TURNER and TURNOY: Kobryn, Yakowlewa, Belarus; Israel; Chicago, IL; Wing, ND and South Haven, MI
RICE, RICH, REICH, REISEN, REIZEN, REICIN and RAJCZYN: Zhitomir and Cherniachiv, Ukraine
SAUER, SAUVER and SAUWER: Buenos Aires, Argentina and Belem, Brazil

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