What or where is Divirol #names

Butch Hill

I have a photo of some missing family members that was dated 1917. The back has some information in Yiddish. Recently I uploaded it to Viewmate and someone was kind enough to translate it for me. One section contains the phrase "In Divirol with the husband." Of course, that sounds like she is in a place called "Divirol" with her husband. But, I've searched for references to "Divirol" as a place and/or as word with a special meaning. But, I can't find it anywhere. Is anyone familiar with a place of that name or of any other meaning associated with that word?
I've attached a snapshot of the back if it's of any help. The phrase is contained on the upper portion of the right-side.
This photo and the writing on the back is the only information I have about these individuals (my grandfather's sister and family) as they eventually disappeared. So, any additional insight would be of great value.
Thanks so much for any assistance.

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