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My ancestor, Schimel Mozeson, born: 1859, Father: Hirsch, Mother: Libe, registered as Merchant of the First Guild in Riga. Lived in Warsaw 1883-1915. Lived in Moscow 1915-1917. Had a tailor shop or clothing store at Ul. Nalewki 18 in 1900. Got into the mechanical [automated] laundry business in Warsaw and made a lot of money. Expanded his mechanical laundries into Moscow, Odessa, and St. Petersburg around 1915. Unfortunately, during the 1917 Russian Revolution, all of his businesses were nationalized and he lost all of his money. Question: being a merchant of the First Guild within the Russian Empire and having traveled to Moscow, Odessa, and St. Petersburg, would the Russian Empire have kept a file on him, somewhere, perhaps with a photograph of him? If it still exists, where would I find such a file and who would I have to contact in Russia, these days, to obtain that information?

Thank You,
George Mason

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