Giby, Sejny and Lazdei… #poland #lithuania


The village of Giby and the adjacent towns of Sejny and Lazdei*… are the roots of my grandmother’s families¹ Pavlowsky and Romanowsky (spellwings obviously vary).

My grandmoth11¹er was born in Giby, but her youth, and maybe childhood, was spent in Lazdei.

Lazdei (or Lazdijai) is today on the Lithuanian side of the border. It had 1,212 Jewish inhabitants in 1939, which was 40% of the total population. Except for a mass grave outside the town, I am not aware of any Jewish remnants of that population and culture.

In 2018, I visited Giby, which seems to have no Jewish remnants at all, and I have been trying to get in contact with anyone who knows more about this village from its “Jewish times” and what happened to its Jewish residents during the Holocaust.

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