Re: Hessen Gatermann database #germany

Ernst-Peter Winter

Users of the Germany databases may have noticed that links > to the images associated with the Hessen Gatermann
database > are going to a blank viewer screen, not the
desired page.> ...> In the meantime, note that the images
can be accessed via>
I regret that my mails dated 1 Nov. 2019 and 20 April 2020
to info@... did not reach the responsible persons.
The text shows the procedure how to get directly to the images:

>the links from "The Hessen Gatermann Index" to the images
at the Hessisches Haupt-Staatsarchiv Wiesbaden are broken.
>old: ... =http%3A// ...
>new: ... = ...
>for example:
>changed to:

Kind regards
Ernst-Peter Winter
M√ľnster (Hessen)

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