Mystery of my Makler Family (Vilna to Boston) #names

Corey Brand

Hi. My great-great-grandmother was Elizabeth Lizzie Makler Weiner, from Vilna, lived in Boston, and later a suburb called Revere. Her name per her grave is Etil Leah (עטיל לאה) bat Dov. Her father was Barnett/Barnard, but it seems he couldn’t pronounce that, or read/write, and his grave says Bannet Mackler (also Lizzie‘s son’s grave, who is named for him, says Berel). His grave reads Dov bar Israel, and his death certificate says his father is Israel and his mother is Etta Michaelson (possibly Etil Leah?). The mother was Badane bat Hoshea Hirshel, per the grave, and the daughter of Hirshel and Ida Bisofsky, per the death certificate. Lizzie had two brothers, Harry Makler and Dr. Moses Makller, and a sister, Ida Makler Raymond. The life expectancy in this family was terrible, most not outliving 55. Harry’s grave reads Eliezer Hesel ben Dov (I thought Harry was named for her father, but I now don’t know). Moses’ does not say a Hebrew name. I do not have a picture of Ida’s grave, but I can see hers a couple rows behind Lizzie’s, but blocked.

Now the confusing part…
There was an Abraham/Abram Makler (later Maklar) and family residing at the same address, from 1894 to 1899, when he moved to Providence just in time for the 1900 Census. I was able to track his Mekler Family to Paberze (Podberezhe), near Vilna, through LitvakSIG. I found a lot of his extended family recorded on LitvakSIG, in Paberze and Vilna, spelled Mekler, but it does not seem like Bannet, my direct ancestor, was a brother or cousin of Abraham’s. Abraham’s wife Anna (Nechama) died in 1917, and her Rhode Island Death Certificate says she is the daughter of Israel and Rose Chicoff. I found that there are many residents of Paberze and Vilna called Tsikhok, Tsikhov, Tsikhon, and so on. The LitvakSIG records for Abraham and Anna’s children says Israel for two of them, but the third says Itsko. I don’t know of this is a mistake or her father had two names. I know where Anna is buried, but I have yet to receive a picture of her grave. 
Abraham and Anna’s children:
Isaak, born 1885 in Vilna, not recorded on passenger lists so assume he died in infancy. 
Rasya or Rose, born 1887 Vilna
Musya or Ida, born 1889 Vilna
Samuel born 1898, Boston

Now the more confusing part…
Harry and Moses said they were from Vilna per their naturalizations, and Lizzie’s husbands naturalization said she was from Wilno. Makes sense. But Harry said he immigrated 7 June 1892 to Boston, from Liverpool, on an unknown ship. Moses said he immigrated 10 June 1892, Liverpool to Boston, unknown ship. On the censuses, the four siblings and the parents give a whole bunch of dates, all in the 1890s, for when they arrived in the US. I had been unable to find the passenger lists, but I just found a list that could be it. 

10 June 1893, sailing from Rotterdam, on the ship called Rotterdam, to New York. 
Berl Sico, lawyer, from Russia, that’s all the information
wife Chase/Chaje
children Mendel, Moses, Badan/Baden, and Chajen/Chajem. 
(Just to note, Ancestry has the surname spelled Sies, but Steve Morse has it Sico, and after comparing the letters, I think it’s Sico). 

Sico could be a bad interpretation of Tsikhok, Tsikhov, Tsikhon, etc. 

So can this be them? Can their names recorded in the passenger lists vary this much? Can the mother’s name be listed as the daughter’s? And etc. 
Is there any proof Harry and Moses needed to naturalize? I know the certificates of arrival started in 1906, but was there anything before that? Any records for immigrants going from NY to Boston? 
The father Bannet was not naturalized, and worked as a tailor. He is first recorded in 1894 in the Boston Directory, along with Abraham. 
The Sico Family is twice recorded in the Russians to America Index. But it does say they hailed from Isac, Russia there. It does not say this in the passenger lists. So where did they get that from? Also Isac isn’t a place as far as I can tell. 

I will attach some important documents. Any incite is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. 

Corey Brand
Fort Lauderdale, FL

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