Re: Looking for Schmuel MITSCHNER family in New York City in 1923 #usa #russia

David Oseas


I'm afraid that you are misinterpreting the information on the manifest ( ):  the 1907+ manifests run two pages.  On the first page of Chaje's manifest, column 12 is the name of the friend or relative back in the "old country" -- this is Schmuel MITSCHNER, still back in Elisavetgrad in 1923.  The pre-1907 one-page manifests did not ask this question.

Column 19 on the second page indicates that Chaje is going to join her son-in-law, Emanuel RESNIKOFF at 2159 Morris Ave, NYC.

There are several records for Emanuel RESNIKOFF on FamilySearch, including a marriage record for Eleanor REED, who is the daughter of Emanuel RESNIKOFF and "Batrae DICKOFF" and is likely the granddaughter of Chaje DICKOVSKY.

David Oseas

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