Searching for Argentina Jewish records #germany #holocaust


I’m trying to find my mother’s cousin, Walter WOLFF, born 29 March 1910 in Thorn, West Prussia.  His parents were Louis WOLFF and Paula WEIL WOLFF.  He lived in Berlin before World War II.
On Ancestry, I found a Walter WOLFF from Berlin, born around 1910, who left Hamburg for Argentina on 24 Dec. 1932. 
On JewishGen, there was an Argentinian death record for a Walter WOLFF born around 1911, who died in La Plata, Argentina on 26 Dec. 1964.
I wrote for more information to 
with no response.    I also tried writing to the Argentinian Jewish community through
but kept getting error messages.
Do any of you know whom to contact to find Argentinian Jewish records?
Thaks for your help.
Ruth Nadelman Lynn
Lexington, MA

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