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Joyaa Antares


Dear Amy of Silver Spring,
I am responding to your post in which you asked “
We have compiled a great deal of data and now are looking at ways to set up the data into a family tree format.  We had used Family Tree Maker when we did the previous work c. 2003-2004. We … are looking at some new vehicles.  We are also trying to connect to your incredible work as part of Family Tree of the Jewish People, where we may find connections beyond our great grandparents on my side who came from Europe.
I imagine that many responders will suggest popular programs like Legacy, Rootsmagic, Family Historian and so on.  They are all very good and have many keen advocates.
I switched from Family Tree Maker to Family Historian (FH) many years ago.  However …  after a year or two, I decided that what was most important to me was how I wish to PRESENT my information to those interested and at this point I started using TNG (The Next Generation). 
Some TNG users, like myself, use TNG as their sole software.  Others use two sets of software – something like FH or Legacy or RootsMagic “at home” and then up load to TNG for their website.  Personally, one set of software is quite enough for me. 
My site is here – – as you can see, I choose to keep it locked down.  (The reason being that it contains a fair amount of sensitive family info).  Many users share their sites happily and the TNG software allows for many different “templates” or appearances/looks based on the same data.  Take a look here for a wealth of examples –
--- there you will see examples of family trees --
--- one name studies --
--- or sites that may be more similar to what you are trying to set up?

I hope this helps.  Good luck!

Joyaa of the Gold Coast   
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

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