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Jill Whitehead

 Seth Jacobson. seth@...> wrote: "In 2018, I visited Giby, which seems to have no Jewish remnants at all, and I have been trying to get in contact with anyone who knows more about this village from its “Jewish times” and what happened to its Jewish residents during the Holocaust."  .=====================================================================================================

My great grandfather Joseph Servian (ne Josiel Serwianski, named after Lake Serwy) was born in Sejny in 1844. He came to Liverpool, UK in c 1875 with his wife Hadassah Karpowitz , who came from the neigbouring shtetl of Krasnopol (five miles away), his children and his younger brother Baruch b 1849 (later Barnet Silverman). Those shtetls stayed in Poland when the area was divided up in 1919 post WW1, as did Giby, but Lazdei as you say went into Lithuania.

I went to the ancestral area in 2000 during a Polish Presidential election period, and stayed for one week. On one of the days we paid a visit from where we were staying near Rajgrod, to Augustow and then onto Sejny via Giby. At Giby we were passed by the presidential motorcade and its minders and met up with them again in Sejny where the President had just visited the old 19th century stone synagogue there (now a community centre).

JewishGen's shtetl finder and the Jewish Encyclopedia have information about the small towns in the area, and you may find info in an old copy of Landsmen, the journal of the Suwalki Lomza Interest Group (now defunct) at your local library.

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