Re: Other names for Isaac #germany #names


Another possibility: He could have had a second given name e.g.,
Yitzchak Gershon.

David Rosen
Boston, MA

On 5/4/2020 4:07 AM, richifield@... wrote:
A family photo of a soldier in a WWI Austrian army uniform is labeled
"George Bloomfield." A newspaper article from 1915/16 says that this
"George," the second cousin of a member of our family, was killed on
the western front. I know that his family name was Blumenfeld, which
almost all of those who emigrated changed to Bloomfield. But in all of
the birth records for their home village of Momberg in Hessen I find
no "Georg." There is also no "Georg" listed in the Verlustlisten for
WWI. The Blumenfelds we are related to that fell in the war were Isaac
and Moritz -- second cousins. Comparing photos of Isaac and "George"
it appears they could be the same person. Has "Georg" been used in
other situations as a "translation" of the name "Isaac?"

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