Looking for info on the MYERS family in West London #unitedkingdom

Claire Mitchell

Hello!  I am trying to find out any information on the MYERS family who lived at 128 Brompton Road, London which was also where their family business was - a Clothiers/Tailors shop called Myers & Sons opposite Harrods.  I believe they also spent time living in St James and Soho.  The parents were George b. 1838 and Mary b. 1841 and there were 3 sons Godfrey b. 1879, Morris b. 1868 & Samuel b. 1859 who as far as I can tell never married and all stayed living as bachelors with their parents.  I think there were some more siblings but these are the ones I know about. If anyone has any information I would be very appreciative!

Claire Mitchell <clairemitchell79@...>

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