Letters from Lodz mention LIPMAN BOK KALIONE BORENSZTEIN #lodz

Nurit Har-zvi


I have found 2 letters from my mother’s friend (or at least pen pal)
Lola (Jola?) LIPMAN, written when they were teenagers. The letters
were sent from 5 Piramowicza St., Lodz to Palestine and would have
been sent in the late 1930’s. I have most of the envelope from one of
the letters, with a return address.

Some friends of theirs are mentioned in the letters. Franka BOK,
Renata LEONTYNA KALIONE, and Jola BORENSZTEIN. There are also entries
from Sara LIPMAN and S. BORNSTEIN in an autograph book that my
mother’s friends signed just before she left Lodz to go to Palestine.

If anyone is researching these people I would be happy to forward
copies of the letters and of the autograph entries.

Nurit Har-zvi,   Forest Hills, NY    <famhisthz@...>

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