Re: How much did a shojet (ritual slaughterer) earn in Galitzia in 1900 ? #galicia


In the pale, he wouldn't have earned much but by emigrating to America, he could earn enough to make a living as did my maternal grandfather. We was a Tzarist beurocrat in his village(Yurovichi in Belarus) but left his home and family, at age 39, to travel to, i believe Mozyr, to study to become a shochet and remained in school long enough to also get certified as a butcher. He felt this would be the way to be accepted as an "immigrant with a profession" in the U.S. when he arrived in 1916+/-. He was a highly educated man who became an itinerant Rabbi and Shochet in the northeast (NY, NJ and New England) until he earned enough to go back to his village and bring his family to America. His story is so fascinating that i am in the process of writing a somewhat fictionalized biography of him.


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