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Marshall Lerner

For years I had absolutely no success in finding the immigration record for my paternal grandfather. I knew the date of his arrival from his naturalization papers but I could never find his name on any manifest. Then a colleague at a local Jewish Genealogy club offered to help. 

He discovered that my gf had arrived with a different name than the one I always knew him as. And it was the same surname as my grand uncle and great grandfather had used when they first arrived in the US. My grand uncle changed his name and the other family members followed his lead with all adopting the new last name.

My colleague had the patience to compare ship manifests for both the ship my grandfather had traveled on and the ship my grand uncle had traveled on. He discovered an individual on each manifest with the same name, from the same town in Bessarabia with the correct ages. The mystery was solved. My great grand father made 3 voyages to the US and mentioned my grand uncle on 2 of the voyages. My grand father mentioned him as well.That allowed us to confirm the accuracy of my colleague's discovery.

Patience, persistence and creative thinking generally pays off.

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