Jewish Records in/around St George in the East, London, England #unitedkingdom


  I have a birth record for a Henry Sands, Jul 1905 in the above
district of London. His parents are listed as Morris (other records say
Shmuel/Samuel.) and Rifka/Rebecca (nee Beeby)
  I have been unable to locate records via the GRO indexes, perhaps
because of a lack of understanding how they sort their records for this
  Apparently his parents died within a few years of his birth. I am
seeking their death records, burial information, etc.  The parents may
have been married in England? and may have been relatively(?) recent
  Any orphanages which might have catered to Jews in particular, or
children in general?

What would be the appropriate Synagogues or Cemeteries to focus on in
that area which might be a source of some information?

  Thanks for any pointers, I am quite willing to dig if people can
point me in the right direction to dig.

#London #England #Deathrecord #Marriagerecord #immigrationrecord

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