My Grandfater BERGMAN from Warsaw #warsaw

A Bergman

My "brick wall."  After over 10 years of searching, I still do not have any information about my grandfather, Isidor Bergman.  He was apparently born in Warsaw in May 1880 or May 1882.   I have many records about his mother and his mother's parents and GRANDPARENTS, but nothing about Isidor himself! He died in 1970 and his tombstone indicates his father was Abraham, but in researching further, his Social Security application and his Ketubah indicate that his father's name was Simon. (When researching further, I found that it is common to list the father's name as Abraham if it was not known at the time of burial.) I know a great deal about his mother, Feige (Felicea) Bergman. She came to the U.S. in 1890 as Czippe Bergmann. She was apparently a concert pianist. She was born in Lublin in 1837 and her first husband, Dawid Bogulaski died in 1864 while she was pregnant with her first son, Samuel David Boguslawski (later Boguslau. I have her family traced to the mid 1700s. Her surname was intially Elbaum, later Kierer. Feige's parents are buried in the Okopowa Street Cemetery in Warsaw. YET, I know nothing about Bergman, how my grandfather got here, or about his father. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. (Attached photos: Felicia Bergman, c 1890. Isidor Bergman (the shorter one) and his half brother, c 1895)

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