Photos of Kryve Ozero (Krivoye Ozero, Kreevozer) #ukraine


In 2004 my husband and I visited Ukraine. My ancestors are from Kryve Ozero (My paternal Grandmother, Mollie Abramsky Sirulnick, was part of the Krovoser Society in NY). From what we could determine, all of the Jewish vital records from Kryve Ozero were destroyed in WWII. (We went to the archives in Mikalaev and Odessa to inquire). There were only 4 Jewish people living in Kryve Ozero at that time and one of them was gone at a hospital in Mikalaev with his wife, but we were able to speak to Ana and Esther (We didn't get their last names). My husband speaks better Ukrainian than Russian, so I'm not sure how much was lost in translation. I have attached the photos we took.  

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