Names of Persons (i.e. the Index) for Encyclopaedia of Jewish Communities: Slovakia #galicia

Madeleine Isenberg

While this message has been forwarded to Hungarian-SIG and
Czech-Austria SIG, people also migrated >from various places in Galicia
into Slovakia, so I thought this would be of interest to you folks also.

To all those with an interest in towns in Slovakia, I undertook a very
lengthy and difficult project to translate and make available on-line the
names of people who might appear in the Pinkas Hakehilot,
Encyclopaedia of Jewish Communities: Slovakia. This is the home page
of this Yizkor Book:

The Pinkas Hakehilot, Encyclopaedia of Jewish Communities: Slovakia as
written in its Hebrew version has almost 600 pages and covers over 260
communities. What is written about each of these communities varies
in length. The names of many people appear and may show up in more
than one of these communities.

In many instances since the writers transliterated names into Hebrew
we did not know what the original spelling of the name was and it has
been difficult to "reverse engineer" back to the original spelling of the
name. I have devoted much time and effort to try and determine the
best spelling of that original name. If errors have been made, my
apologies, but if researchers can provide corrections, please contact
Lance Ackerfeld ( so modifications can be

Other things to note: Sometimes references have been made to people
who did not at the time have family names at all. If they were known by
a single first name, these names are listed in parentheses, as example,
(SHIMON), (IZAK/YITZCHAK), or in the case of a king, it might appear as
(HABSBURG). Since many given names appeared to be "Biblical-type"
names, it was not clear if there was a direct translation to another
European version. For instance, someone with a Hebrew name of
Mordechai, might have been a Marcus, Markus, or Marek. In many
instances we simply don't know. So in searching for such names, it helps
to be alerted to these possible variations.

The index of names is presented in two versions:

1. As listed originally per the Hebrew alphabet in the book, but
arranged alphabetically within that Hebrew letter. The most problematic
would be names listed under "Alef" since corresponding secular names
could begin with A, E, I, O, or U.

2. As sorted and listed simply according to the English alphabet. To
view this version, there is a PDF
< >
It is in very small print, so use the tools that let you increase the size to
enable better viewing.

Page numbers, i.e. "Page reference number," refers to the page of the
town within the Encyclopedia. Occasionally, the index included the name
of the town as well as the page. Often this was to distinguish among
people with the same name, but >from different towns. If no town is
listed, check
to find which town would be the most likely.

Note: The page numbers in the rightmost column, starting with 569,
are the numbers of the pages in the Hebrew version of the names index.
This might only be important if someone wants to check the Hebrew
version to know how the name was written in Hebrew.

It is our hope that people researching names >from these Slovakian
towns will then be encouraged to help with the translation efforts of
the remaining (as of July 13, 2014) 240 towns.

Happy Hunting!


parts of Galicia such as: Nowy Targ, Wachsmund, Dembno, Lapuszna,
Krakow, Poland, who migrated into Kezmarok or nearby towns in
Slovakia. GOLDSTEIN in Abaujszina (Sena), and Kosice, Slovakia;
Tolcsva, Hungary; very briefly in Timisoara, Romania

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