Re: Need help finding records of great-grandfather TESZLER from Romania/Hungary #hungary #romania

Peninah Zilberman


You should contact the  BAIA MARE ARCHIVES

They should be able to find for you some info.


Crecunesti- as we call it in Romanian was a large community

Today there is only the Jewish Cemetery left


In Rehovot, Israel used to be the Crecunesti Rebbe and his Dynesty


Borsa, there is an Yizkor Borsa  book , with all the names of the families registered and other info.

Until the deportations


The Tessler family has a large number of descendants in Israel and around the world


You should ask for friends member at SIGHET GENRATION fb pg.

Just answer the question and I will approve ur membership


You can post there ur requests

There is another fb pg.


Mainly in Hebrew

גם אני נצר ממרמוריש

Check on fb, who has last name Tessler also

I just know this spelling



You can also visit our website

we offer “Family Roots Journeys”


I can also put you in touch with some Tessler people- if you wish

Good Luck

Peninah Zilberman


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