Blumenfeld #romania


Good afternoon everybody! I wanted to ask you to suggest me how to find information about my great grandmother MALCA BLUMENFELD.

My grandfather was named FROIM BLUMENFELD, born in Husi, on October 24, 1906. He arrived to Argentina in 1928.

His father was called MINASE or MINASI BLUMENFELD (my great-grandfather) and his mother's name was MALCA BLUMENFELD (my great-grandmother)

The problem I have is that in all the documents and photos (which are very few) she appears with the surname BLUMENFELD. 


For example, in the birth certificate of his son (my grandfather) and in a photo I have of her grave ... Always with the married surname BLUMENFELD (last name my grandfather had, my father and my family) .


I am sure that my grandfather was born in Romania (Husi) in 1906, but I don't know if she was also born there. Her date of birth is approximately 1870.


What do you suggest to me?


Thank you in advance!

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