Re: Traduccion de acta #translation

Alan Shuchat

(Perdonamé, pero no puedo decirlo en español!) This is a certificate from the Kherson Gubernia chancellery giving permission to the Arkushin family to emigrate under an agreement between the Russian government and the Jewish Colonization Association. They are Yudel Berkov Arkushin, age 55, his wife Sura Leybov (50), sons Froim (19), Simcha (18), and daughters Raisa(13), and Zelda (11). The family members signed the document at the bottom. They were living in the Jewish agricultural colony of Izraelevka, Elizavetgrad uezd (district), Kherson Gubernia. There is a Kehilalinks page for this colony at It says that about 100 families from this area went to Argentina in 1904/05. The certificate was signed on June 7, 1904 and there is an exit stamp dated July 24, 1904.
Alan Shuchat
Newton, MA

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