Re: Headstone Translation #translation


I would add that the abbreviation before Tzvi is for  Reb, a title more like mister than Rabbi. 
As an aside, the Yiddish names Hertz or Hirsch mean a deer, as does the Hebrew name Tzvi. Tzvi Hirsch or sometimes Tzvi Hertz are common combination names and someone known as  Hirsch or Hertz could actually have the Hebrew name Tzvi. In this case it is unlikely that Tzvi's father Hertz had the Hebrew name Tzvi since children aren't usually named after living parents in Ashkenazi custom. Another name combination is Naftali Hertz (the tribe of Naftali is symbolized by a deer in Jacobs blessing to his son), it is therefore possible that Tzvi's father Hertz had the Hebrew name Naftali or that he simply had only a Yiddish name.

Binyamin Kerman
Baltimore MD

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