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A. E. Jordan

Bankruptcy files are going to be with the court but based on the age they could be in storage or at the National Archives.

Start by contacting the court records room and asking them about the files.  You may need to go there or pay them to do a search to find the file number.  Based on date and the file number will impact where it is stores.

You could also check the courts website or do an online search.

I know in New York City a lot of the old personal bankruptcy cases were ultimately stored at the NARA location I think outside St Louis.  If you have the file number and are willing to pay the file can be brought back to the court or else someone has to request it from NARA and go there and read it.  Maybe you will get lucky and upstate will be easier.

Allan Jordan

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I found an article in the Rochester, NY Democrat and Chronicle newspaper for Sept. 15, 1933, p.21 as follows:
"Voluntary petitions in bankruptcy were filed in United States District Court yesterday by Louis Bloom, tailor, of 529 Conkey Avenue, listing liabilities of $31,646.57, assets of $250 and secured claims of $9,500...."  Where do I find more information?  This is my husband's grandfather.

Johanna Becker
Newport, RI

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