IOFE family, Vieksniai, Lithuania, Revision List errors? #lithuania


I’m looking for possible ancestors in a IOFE/IOFFE family in Vieksniai, Lithuania.  I have found what I take to be three brothers, Shepsel, Itsyk, and Zundel IOFE/IOFFE, all sons of Abram, listed in the 1858 revision list at Jewish Gen, and born, respectively, in 1776, 1784 and 1787.  The 1834 revision list for Vieksniai also exists and I found a Shepsel IOFE with the same birth year as in the 1858 list, but no Itsyk or Zundel.  I did, however, find an Itsik and Zundel IAPO, both with father Abram and with the same birth years as Itsyk and Zundel IOFE/IOFFE in the 1858 list.  I assume the original list is in Russian.  Is this a likely transliteration error – IAPO instead of IOFE?

Deborah Jaffey, IN, USA

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