Looking for any information about Eizig Moshe Kremer from Zagreb, Croatia #scandinavia #israel #holocaust


Eizig Moshe Kremer was born on 11/26/1890 in Slatina (Solotvina) Maramureș, Romania/ Ukraina
His parents where Rachel nee Friedman and Isaak Hirsh Kremer.
He was married to Ruza / Rozalita nee Zalmanovitz
Living in Zagreb Croatia, they had 3 children: Lea, bella and Herman. I found same hints to the possibility they had another daughter.
They all were murdered at the Holocaust except for one unidentified daughter who made alia to Israel before the Zazi occupation of Croatia. I'm looking for her along time. Can anyone help me in locating her and with ant information about the family? According to source Lea had any connections to Sweden.
I'm Amir and I live in Jeruzalem, Israel.

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