Re: Central Death certificate DATABASE from ISRAEL in english is available? #israel

Dahn Cukier

I am not sure if you are asking a question or if
you are saying there is a database.

Har HaMenuchot is 3 cemeteries and there are a dozen burial societies.
4 are Ashkanazi. None as of 4 years ago were online and I doubt
they are today.

GRAVEZ is doing the work of photographing and creating a data base.
I do not know if they have the support of all the societies. I do know they
seem to have the support of the General Jerusalem society, they
spelled my sisters name wrong, and the reply I received was they
go according to the cemetery records. My sister's name
begins with a "Sin" like a Shin, but the dot is on the left not right,
they indexed it as a Shin Yod.

In addition Eretz Haim near Beit Shemesh is many times understood to be in Jerusalem or
Beit Shemesh, it is neither.

If you send me offline, the name and father's name I will search
GRAVEZ and if not there, I can attempt calling the various societies.

You can also try BillionGraves.

Mt of Olives has a web site. I do not have the link any more.

In addition to Har Hazeitim and Har Hamenuchot, there is Sanhedria and a number
of small cemeteries mostly from 1947-1952.

Happy Hunting

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how do you know the fellow that
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On Wednesday, May 6, 2020, 05:08:47 PM GMT+3, Andres Carciente via <> wrote:

Central Death certificate DATABASE from ISRAEL  in ENGLISH is available?

Specific dates: 

. Database from Har Hazetim and database from Har Hamenujot ( Jerusalem)  Thanks

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