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has ftjp been fixed?  as of the last time i inquired (a year ago), it was broken (not processing gedcom files properly) and there was no estimate of when it would be available.

....... tom klein, toronto

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Re: Family Tree of the Jewish People #general
From: rebasolomon
Date: Mon, 04 May 2020 21:43:54 EDT
Thank you for posing this question.  My research has a working home on my Legacy software, but it is hard to find the right way to distribute the information to family and other researchers.  Legacy does have many different types of charts and reports, but when I sent people the .pdf reports, the truth is that no one printed them out, and I can't afford to self-publish for everyone, now and in the future.  It's decades of work to collect the information, but what is the end game?  Because of your question, I went back and looked again at Family Tree of the Jewish People, and found that now they accept uploads of gedcom files.  I happily exported all of my research lineages onto the Family Tree of the Jewish People.  Now my work is truly available to any researcher or relative who wants it, during my lifetime and beyond.   All I have to do is notify everyone to register at, (if they're not already a member) and search the database: Family Tree of the Jewish People! 

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