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I have used Brother’s Keeper shareware since DOS before Windows and later registered it. I get rapid bug fixes directly from the author. I use geni since there  is one definitive profile for everyone, and I became a curator. I also subscribe to Ancestry and MyHeritage but there are too many trees with so many duplicates that it is hard to keep everything up-to-date. So I keep my local database and geni up-to-date and use Family Tree Maker with Ancestry and MyHeritage Family Tree Builder to download the those trees to my PC from time-to-time to resolve duplicates and remove people not directly connected, and then sync back up. They don’t have useful tools for doing this online, unlike geni. I stay essentially caught up with geni and MyHeritage matches. Ancestry seems to keep growing. I have more than 21500 hints as of last night…


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In addition, the current version of Family Tree Maker includes the capability to convert you old format FTM data files to their current format.  FTM includes the ability to synch to  My personal preference is to do my updates online on my tree and then periodically synch it to Family Tree Maker on my computer.  This ensures that my data will always be current and available on ancestry, so if my computer hard drive crashed, all of my data is still out on ancestry. Having it local on my hard drive via Family Tree Maker, ensures that my data will not disappear if ancestry were to go bankrupt and shut down or if something happened to me and my family did not continue paying the ancestry subscription fees. There are free online family trees, such as GENI or  Personally, I find ancestry's hints and search capabilities set it above their free competition. They are by no means perfect and do not necessarily transcribe all of the records that they claim to have transcribed, but ancestry remains my go-to source.


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