Re: Family Tree of the Jewish People #general

Harvey Kaplan

Like Max Heffler, I have used Brother's Keeper for many many years.  It's dependable, not gimmicky and does the job.  Not great on the graphics or producing reports/trees for sharing with family.  Often think of moving, but never got round to it. I use BK as the master copy of my tree, where I'm in full control.

I also have versions of  my trees on My Heritage - though never really update it - JewishGen FTJP (haven't updated that in a long long time) - and Geni.  I have my trees on Geni in case someone contacts me, but if I turn my back, my trees get messed up by people adding duplicate siblings, and moving family members about, grafting them on to wrong parents or wrong partners. People seem to do this without any reference to me in advance, assuming their research is more accurate than mine.  As a result, I am very hesitant about trusting Geni's information, without checking back on the sources if I can.  

I think the problem in sites such as MH and Geni is that people seems to love hoovering up tangential families.  Doesn't interest me when MH keeps telling me it has a whole tribe relating to someone who married my 5th cousin.  I could understand if it was generations ago and was in the same ancestral shtetl - when there may well have been common blood links - but nowadays, doesn't grab me. To each his own.   

Harvey Kaplan
Glasgow, Scotland


- Ariogala, Josvainiai, Kedainiai, Krakes, Seta, Veliuona, Grinkiskis, Lithuania

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