How to correct error in Vilnius Ghetto List? #lithuania #holocaust


In the Vilnius Ghetto List it says the Berel Druskenik, who was my mom's first cousin, died with the rest of his family in the Vilna Ghetto, in May, 1942.
This is not true.
Berel escaped the ghetto and joined the partisans in the woods.
He came to the US and changed his name to Bernie Druskin.  He became a successful businessman.  He got married, had a daughter, divorced, then married and divorced again.
He was plagued his entire life with the guilt that he felt that his family died because he escaped.
We saw him quite often, for a while, with his second wife.
He died in 2008.
How does one go about correcting this record?
Thank you
Amira Hemme

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