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Suggestion:  Before doing a photo request for F-a-G, go to the Mount Hebron website [ ], search the database, get the grave location (they recently have added a satellite image map that will pinpoint the gravesite), and specify it on your photo request.

That is a very good suggestion.  Go to the site and get the exact location they givee which is a block and reference number (that's the number on the gate) and if there is a line or grave number or section letter.

I have done a lot of the Find a Grave requests for both of these NY cemeteries.  Hebron is especially challenging because F-a-G shows over 1,000 requests.  What I have done is sort the requests to block and reference number to see if I was going to be in that area of the cemetery.  Too many of the requests are not clear or people instead of leading with the location information load in stories about the grave and why it is important or saying thank yous.

The only chance of getting those requests filled is to be very specific about the location and not hide it in the request with extra information.  You can look at the requests and see what I mean about the ones that are clear versus the ones that make it difficult to find the specific location.

Allan Jordan

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