Re: Seeking descendants of eleven LIEBOWITZ children who settled in Toronto, New York and New Jersey #usa


my maternal great grand father was  Ben Lebow.    He was the middle son of 9 known children of Israel David Lebowitz and Freide Lazar who passed in 1918 ad 1919 respectively (both  buried in Washington cemetery in Brooklyn)  The kids were born in various locations ranging from Ukraine, Lithuania and New York. Freide and many of the kids emigrated in 1891. Israel and the oldest two sons must have come over earlier.   I have seen the family name spelled as Liebowitz and Lebowitz,  and then it was shortened to Lebow and Jacobs depending on the sibling.     Of the nine kids here are birth years and approximately where i believe they ended up:   Charles 1870 - ???, Morris 1874 - New Jersey, Bessie 1880 - Albany NY, Abraham 1881 - NY,  William 1884 - Waukegan, IL and Los Angeles, CA, Benjamin 1888 - Connecticut, Harry 1890 - IL and Los Angeles CA, Louis 1892 - New York, and Mae/May 1895 New York. 

good luck to all in your searches

Sean Agranov

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