Re: Looking for information on Israel Jacob Wainer and Rebecca Gilgore (Zhitomir/Zhytomyr) #ukraine


Am seeking as much background on the family in Ukraine (and earlier Russia) as possible. Is believed that surname was changed to 'Wainer' during naturalization process when arrived in the US. Uncertain if name was similar in the Ukraine or entirely different. Also possible Zhitomir was nothe family town but an embarkation point following the pogroms. 
Please find below additional information:

Israel Jacob Wainer (b. Ukraine on 5 Jan. 1859, d. Wilmington, DE on 27 Feb. 1925)

Rebecca Gilgore (b. Ukraine on 5 Apr. 1859, d. Wilmington, DE on 4 Oct. 1949) 


Details on four of their children:


·       Max Wainer, Colonel (b. 1885; d. 1959) fought in France during WWI.


·       Perry Wainer (b. 1888; d. 1962) 


·       Isaac J Wainer (b. 1895; d.1971) 


·       Louis Juda “Lou” Wainer (b. 1898; d. 1965) 

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