SZKLARKIEWICZ or similar, STEIGLITZ and similar, and ELLENBOGEN. 1800s #poland

Barry Clarke

This is my first post; hope I'm doing it right!

Per 1896 UK Naturalization Certificate of MAX CLARKE, his parents, who would be my great-great-grandparents, were MARKS/MATTHEW and ZLATO/LOTTIE CLARKE. The family name originally was SZKLARKIEWICZ or similar; on one UK document it was spelt SHKLARKIEWITZ. I am told that was probably how it sounded, so simply a phonetical spelling. Max's Naturalization Certificate stated he was born in JEDWABNE. That would have been around 1870. His sister, my great-grandmother's, anglicised name was MOLLY. She was born around 1862. She married a STEIGLITZ or similar who died or was killed in the early 1880s. Their son, my grandfather, was SAMUEL, born April 1881. Molly emigrated with infant Samuel to DUBLIN, Ireland, she married a JACOB CLARKE from SEDLICE, then they lived in LIVERPOOL, England, then SOUTH AFRICA  (via for Max, at least, RHODESIA). We believe too from a photograph in the late 1800s/early 1900s that there may have been a family relationship with ELLENBOGENs, the link most likely dating back to the early to mid-1800s. (Molly's three CLARKE children were SAMUEL, GERTIE, HENRY. Max married ESTHER LANDSBERG. Their three children were MONTAGUE, NORMAN, EVELYN. All in South Africa).

I would be grateful to hear of any links or information about any of these people; preferably by email to bbclarke98@...

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Barry Clarke (British, born 1946, living since 1990 in Florida)

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